Listen to a Female Yogi (a "Yogini") Speak

A yoga teacher is one thing, a yogi is another. A yoga teacher, as commonly understood, teaches you yoga. A yogi is a person who, through practising yoga for him or herself, attains a state of unshakable peace and oneness with the Universe. Viriam Kaur, whom you can listen to on the player below, is an advanced yogini.

Yoga-Los-AngelesDuring our 30-minute conversation she describes her state of mind, recommends easy ways to get involved with yoga and describes the transformations in her students after they practiced yoga for a few months.

Viriam also teaches yoga out of her desire to share her peace and wisdom with others. To achieve this she, together with some like-minded friends, have grouped themselves into the "South Bay Yoginis"  and travel wherever there is a need for yoga instruction in the vicinity.

It is not often that one gets a chance to speak with a true yogi, since they are usually quite reclusive. Don’t miss this opportunity, you’ll be illumined by what you hear!

The Interview

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 What she says about getting started is your most valuable takeaway. Think about it whenever you have a spare moment: it could enhance your life several fold!

To go to Viriam’s website and view videos of her teaching students, go here:

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