Find Happiness Step 2:

Step 2 will work for you only if you believe you can succeed in finding happiness. To decide whether to believe or not, go through the process described in Step 1 (described in this earlier post).

Permanent happiness must depend on something that is itself permanent, and that is your core being or “true identity”. Nothing else is permanent (you will realize this after you get to know your core being, trust me). To understand this in more detail, go to this earlier post.

So the task at hand is to locate your true identity. That’s easy! Just follow the one-minute method I prescribed in this post.

The deeper you delve into your true identity, the more peaceful you’ll become. Delving deeper necessitates continual drilling down into it. About 10 minutes a day of this drilling is what I recommend (based on my first-hand experience).

find-true-identity The 10 minutes a day I mentioned should be spent using the “Eyes Shut” method mentioned above. That method is like a nuclear-powered drilling platform for probing the depths of your being. Let me get specific about how to use it:

You’re sitting in a quiet, undisturbed place trying to identify with the “viewer of the blackness” that you see when you close your eyes. Firstly, if possible, do this without “voicing” the question, “Who’s aware of the black?” in your mind. Try and do it without the voicing. If you can’t, no problem, just carry on.

Unless you’re way advanced, there will be a stream of other thoughts flowing through your mind while you perform the above exercise. Thoughts like, “This is not working”, “What if someone knocks on the door now”,”How could my partner have insulted me that way this morning”, “Is 10 minutes over yet?” and so on. The thing is to ask yourself, “To whom did that thought occur?” soon after the thought happened.

 Usually many thoughts will occur in sequence and you should try and answer “To whom did that thought occur?”  for the last one. Don’t bother about the ones that whizzed by earlier that you didn’t “catch”.

You have to relentlessly and continuously apply this technique for the 10 minutes.


An Important Bulletin on LETTING GO

When you ask the question, “To whom did that thought occur?”, to find the answer, you have to necessarily STEP BACK in your mind because the being that’s aware of your thoughts is almost physically “a step back” in your head (this is something you will have to experience to understand, like that good old “taste of a banana”). An aid to understanding will this diagram from an earlier post:

 But you can’t “step back” unless you “let go” of the thought you are working on. And sometimes this can be very difficult to do, because you’ll be afraid that if you stop dwelling on that thought, something catastrophic might happen in your head or in the outside world. Take it from me (who has been there, done that): you can let go of the thought without fear, nothing will go wrong.

Over the course of time you will find that you will let go. This will afford you an opportunity to dwell on the witness of the blackness and your thoughts, which is none other than your true identity, aka the core of your being. You will realize that it’s safe to dwell, or, more appropriately, reside in your core being without paying attention to any thoughts that may be knocking on your mental door. Very soon, you won’t even pay attention to the knocking.

The upshot is that:

  1. You have located your peaceful core being
  2. You have learned how to reside in that being at will
  3. Since you have learned, in effect, to ignore your mind when you please, you will no longer be tyrannized by it. The mind will become your slave,with you the peaceful master. You will never be anxious, depressed or stressed again because anxiety, depression and stress are part of the mind, not part of you, the mind’s witness.

All you have to do is try these things to become unshakably happy. There will be questions along the way. Feel free to ask them in the comments, or sign up for the “Closer Guidance” list in the right margin of this page.

To your peace and happiness,

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Do You Have CM, the Silent Condition that Makes You Stressed and Anxious?

stressed-woman First of all, I am now fully cured, so no worries on that score. But life was hell when I was mired in the condition. It took me a lot of research and treatment by specialists for me to emerge from it. I was not cured overnight… it took quite a while, and I don’t even want to tell you how long that was. But the great thing is that the cure has been 100% effective for me and will be for you, too.

I used to be so anxious that I would have fits of retching. My stomach was in a tight knot most of the time and exploding every time it got too tight. Because my mind and body were in such a shambles I also avoided interacting with people. And because I cut myself off like this, I stewed more in my own broth. Something was very, very wrong with me and I didn’t know what.

I kept thinking, “When I lay down to die, I don’t want to be thinking I missed out on life because I was distracted with anxiety the whole time.” I realized that in a way, my entire life was at stake. I vowed to save my life and swore to myself I would leave no stone unturned doing it.

I consulted several experts in sequence and one of them diagnosed me as having CM. You might have it and not even know it, and it could be stressing you out.

So what the heck is CM?

CM is Cosmic Myopia. Myopia is the clinical term for short sight, which means you see things near you clearly but don’t see things far off so well.

Cosmic Myopia is a condition where your mental vision is limited to your own sphere of existence and not beyond. You spend your life oblivious of the mind-bogglingly large universe in of which you are a microscopic part. You never stop to think that you are just another piece of the Universe, made out of the same material as the Universe’s 100 billion galaxies with upto a trillion stars in each of them.

And don’t you DARE say that there is no mind in the rest of the Universe, so therefore you’re NOT made out of the same stuff as the rest of the Universe. It is obvious to me that amongst the billions of trillions of stars it is statistically impossible for only lil’ ole earth to have beings that have minds. Mind is just another one of the myriad objects that exist in the Universe, like rocks, water, helium, plants, animals, electromagnetic fields, light and who knows what else will become evident as science progresses.

The cure for CM is to realize that you are just another object in the Universe, made out of the same material as the other objects. As a matter of fact, the basic ‘you’ is the material, and not the mind and body that you identify with so much.

Your mind is the ‘sound’ your brain makes, just like chirping is the sound a bird makes. You are the one who’s aware of your mind, and you’re aware of it just like you’re aware of the chirping of a bird. The mind is not YOU. It’s your brain talking. STOP INDENTIFYING WITH YOUR MIND. Watch it instead, just like you would watch a movie.

That’s what I started doing, and now I am anxiety-free. I keep trying to realize I’m the ‘guy who is aware of the mind’ and man, what a peaceful being HE is! He has no agitation or anxiety at all, since those are activities of the mind, not of him (or ‘it’, since once you experience what I’m talking about, you will understand that the being that is aware of the mind has no gender).

So cure yourself of CM. Sit down and try to find that peaceful being that is aware of your mind.

Here’s a magic tip to get there: Every time you think something, try to find the answer to the question, “To whom did that thought occur?”

That tip works like dynamite. And I’m saying this because I regularly use it myself.

So get going on your journey of self-discovery. It also leads to unshakeable happiness. And check back to this blog now and then for more great tips on how to get rid of your CM once and for all!

Have a great life,

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