Find Happiness 67: Declutter, Hear the Universe

Do you wish that your mind was a fount of creativity and inspiration? Of course you do. For that to happen, there is a simple step you have to take: Declutter your mind


By its very nature, your mind is creative and full of inspiration. Trouble is, you’ve filled it up with a cyclone of non-beneficial, active thoughts. Examples:

  • Worrying that a friend or relative thinks ill of you
  • Feeling that you are worthless
  • Depressed that something you want to happen is not happening
  • Fearing that the Universe (or God) is going to punish you
  • Trying to remember a name or word for extended lengths of time

What you need to do is pull away from these mini-obsessions and focus on the present. Nothing will go wrong if you let go of your cloud of worry and negativity. As a matter of fact, you’ll be better off for it… it’s as if the sky has been overcast for years on end, and finally the clouds have melted away, so that you can see the sunshine.

The sunshine is a metaphor for unconditioned thinking, which is very often highly creative. In addition, this thinking can draw from hitherto untapped areas of your mind and result in premonitions or the ability to perform accelerated mental math.

Focussing on the present without regard to your habitual worries, fears and other obsessions needs a strong power of concentration. One of the best ways to develop your concentration is meditation. Meditation comes in several flavours, and you should choose one that is themed around staring at an object. There are several meditation coaches available on the Internet; go to a meditation forum or a meditation group on Facebook and ask for opinions.

Here are links to some meditation forums which I briefly scanned:

And here are some Facebook groups that look worthwhile:

So strengthen your concentration with a few weeks of meditation and use that heightened concentration to focus on the here and now. Practice this focussing continuously and see how your thoughts become more creative and intuitive!

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Find Happiness 61: Don’t Depend on Others’ Courtesy


Do these sound familiar?:

  • “He didn’t ask how my cold  was. He’s brazenly insensitive and I’m really upset.”
  • “She didn’t ask after my mother. She’s so selfish, I’m really upset.”
  • “He didn’t ask about my new job. He doesn’t give a damn about me, I’m really upset.”
  • “She didn’t come to meet me at the airport. She has no manners, I’m really upset.”
  • “He didn’t condole my uncle’s death. He’s absolutely callous, I’m really upset.”
  • “She never even asked about our new baby. She has no social graces, I’m really upset.”
  • “He never thanked me for all I’ve done for  him. He’s an ungrateful wretch, I’m really upset.”

Now think about this: if it didn’t matter to you whether

  1. people thanked you or
  2. people made inquiries of you,

… wouldn’t you have much less cause for agitation ?

Your reactions to those things are really from learned behaviour… learned from your parents, other family, peers or the media. You were not born with those reactions. Nothing will go wrong if you lose them!

  • Try not reacting in the above circumstances and see if you like where it gets you.
  • Start today.
  • The next time somebody does not thank you or make polite inquiries, do not say anything.
  • Inhale slowly to the count of ten.
  • Then pay attention to some other matter, one that is not disturbing.
  • Repeat the above procedure whenever your mind goes back to the initial reaction.


Try it out for two weeks. If you like the difference it makes, make it a habit. You’ll be delighted at how much more enjoyable your life is!





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Find Happiness 53: Four Major Guidelines


Everyone wants to be happy, even though it often seems that some people are determined to be unhappy at all costs.

It is not difficult to be constantly happy. Achieving this boils down to your beliefs and your mental habits.

Here are four major guidelines for being happy. Think about them and pursue them.


Know that it is definitely possible for you to become happy,  just like everyone, without exception, can definitely become clean after a bath.

Your happiness is covered with “mind-dirt” that can be “washed off” by refining the way you perceive things.



One thing that happiness depends upon is your wants.

The more things you want badly, the more unhappy you will be, since you may not easily be able to get what you want. For instance, suppose you want to have a long-term intimate relationship with someone, only that person is not interested.

If you were really stuck on your want, you would be frustrated and maybe depressed. If  on the other hand you were not very stuck on your want, you would just let the want go and quickly move on “unscathed.”

The motto: there is nothing wrong with wanting something as long as you can let go of the want with ease. If you get what you wanted, good for you. If you didn’t, it shouldn’t matter. There is much wisdom in the pop saying, “You win some, you lose some.”



Separate yourself from your thought process.

What do I mean by this?

Clearly someone in that head of yours is aware of your thoughts. That someone is the real you, which throughout this website I refer to as the “basic you.” The “basic you” is always there, aware of your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what you are thinking, it’s still always there, still just observing your thoughts. Its nature does not change. In other words, it is unaffected by your thoughts. And remember, the “It” I’m talking about is the “basic you.” It’s YOU!

To  learn more about the “basic” you, take the free course I offer here and read as many of the other articles on this website as convenient.

Once you have realized you are the “basic you”, stay rooted there. In other words, remain an observer of your thoughts. IMPORTANT: This  by no means implies you become inactive. Your mind will continue to decide to do things, only instead of believing that thoughts are “your voice”, you will be calmly standing aside and watching them, and taking action according to the decision just like you did earlier.



Practice makes perfect.

Spend 10 minutes a day sitting quietly, asserting your identity as a pure observer of your mind (aka your thoughts). During the rest of the day, if you feel disturbed, start watching your thoughts (in other words, be your true self, the “basic you”) during those times. With practice, you will be the “basic you” all the time, ever calm, yet dealing with the world at the same time.


To your steady progress into unshakeable happiness,



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