Find Happiness 54: How to Stop Brooding

broodingIf you have decided to walk the road to happiness, you might have an addiction that hinders you from reaching the goal. That addiction is… brooding.

When I say brooding I’m talking about obsessing on how lousy some event or thing is for an extended period of time.

Like any addiction, if encouraged,  it can ultimately ruin you. If you gradually cure yourself of it, your life will take a huge turn for the better.

The hazard about brooding is that it can grow on you, by which I mean you can end up spending increasing amounts of time sitting and obsessing. Again, like a classical addiction, it can lead to a point where it prevents you from performing routine daily activities like eating, sleeping or working. If it gets this bad, doctors are likely to declare you have clinical depression.

So how do you get out of the brooding habit?

  1. Catch yourself brooding
  2. Have at least four alternate trains of thought that you can jump onto. Here are some examples:
    • Think of the various things you have to do during the rest of the day and plan them
    • Think of an upcoming professional or family event and of how you can make a useful contribution to it
    • Think of a way in which you can help someone you care about
    • Think about the best place to go for a walk
    • Think about simple ways in which you can improve the inside of your home
  3. Jump onto one of them and dwell on it for about a minute
  4. Soon after that engage yourself in a task. This could even be related to one of the trains of thought mentioned earlier
  5. Practice is key! The important thing is to continually hammer your brooding habit with this method until you get out of it altogether.

Like all the methods I have described on this website, this is one I have employed myself (albeit many moons ago) with resounding success. It took a little while, but proved a powerful, rapid solution.

If you’re into brooding, Try it out NOW, rid yourself of the ruinous habit and make your life more fun!

To your guaranteed success,


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Find Happiness 51: Overwhelmed by Stress?



Worry and anxiety are like swarms of crabs.

They hook on tight with their claws and keep biting you to distraction. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of feeding on you they stayed on the ground and left you alone ? 

In other words, wouldn’t it be nice if you could be aware of your worry and anxiety without being affected by them?

Here’s the good news: you can make that happen!

How to Make It Happen

  • The key is for you is to watch your worry and anxiety from the position of a still, motionless observer. And not only the worry and anxiety (henceforth termed "w & a")…  watch also your mind’s various commentaries and suggestions related to the w & a, and even, if possible, your mind’s final decision as to the further  course of action.
  • This procedure is analogous to removing the crabs from all over you and putting them on the ground. Note that you are not being asked to kill them, just separate them from you.
  • Now the crabs can do what they want without you getting bitten. And you will be watching them going about their business.

It is important to understand that watching your thoughts as an observer does not imply that you never do anything or never move. As I mentioned earlier, when your mind decides you should do something, you should go ahead and do it!

Proof of the Pudding

How do I know this will free you from w & a, you may ask. I know because I have done it myself for a long time and thus made myself a very peaceful person. I continue to do it to make the peace I feel progressively deeper.

When Will You See Results?

As in most projects involving the mind, it will probably take some time for you to see results. But I can tell you from my own experience that if you try without giving up, you SHALL succeed!

So start pulling those crabs of you now and stop w & a from bothering you! 

To your growing inner peace,




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Find Happiness 21: How to Make Being Happy a Habit

Being happy all the time is very much a matter of habit. If you don’t have the habit, it is easy to create it.

Let us first define “being happy”.

I-wantYou are unhappy, generally speaking, when you do not have something that you wished you had. Want-related thoughts make you restless and dissatisfied.

But suppose it is the person across the street who is disturbed by a want. You would not be restless and dissatisfied because it is not you who has the want.

Well, surprise: all these years when you were disturbed by wants, it wasn’t “you” who had the wants.

I-want2 It was your mind that had the wants. You are merely aware of your mind. You are a still, motionless witness to it. The mind is an object, and you are watching it.

But do not take my word for it, verify this arrangement for yourself. The next time a thought strikes you, try and put your finger on who was aware of the thought. Once you have located that “who”, dwell in the “who” for a while. Rinse and repeat; you will realize that this “who” is absolutely still and peaceful, and is watching your thoughts like a person in a theater watching a movie (your mind is the movie).

What you have to do is reside in this “who” all the time while being constantly and peacefully aware of all your thoughts. When your thoughts decide that you should do something (just as they have in the past), spur your body on to perform that action.

In the eyes of the outside world, you will be going about your life as usual; inside, you will be watching your mind and body going about your life as usual, only “you” will be absolutely peaceful and undisturbed.

mobile But… you have to remember to be this way throughout the day. Here is a method for doing that: set alarms in your mobile phone to remind you every two hours to “identify with the motionless witness”, and set these alarms to repeat daily over several weeks. With practice you will find that when the alarm rings, you will already be the motionless witness. How do I know? Because it is happening to me!

So give it a whirl… first find the “who” that is aware of your thoughts, then be that “who” throughout the day. START NOW!

To your peaceful life,

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