Find Happiness 67: Declutter, Hear the Universe

Do you wish that your mind was a fount of creativity and inspiration? Of course you do. For that to happen, there is a simple step you have to take: Declutter your mind


By its very nature, your mind is creative and full of inspiration. Trouble is, you’ve filled it up with a cyclone of non-beneficial, active thoughts. Examples:

  • Worrying that a friend or relative thinks ill of you
  • Feeling that you are worthless
  • Depressed that something you want to happen is not happening
  • Fearing that the Universe (or God) is going to punish you
  • Trying to remember a name or word for extended lengths of time

What you need to do is pull away from these mini-obsessions and focus on the present. Nothing will go wrong if you let go of your cloud of worry and negativity. As a matter of fact, you’ll be better off for it… it’s as if the sky has been overcast for years on end, and finally the clouds have melted away, so that you can see the sunshine.

The sunshine is a metaphor for unconditioned thinking, which is very often highly creative. In addition, this thinking can draw from hitherto untapped areas of your mind and result in premonitions or the ability to perform accelerated mental math.

Focussing on the present without regard to your habitual worries, fears and other obsessions needs a strong power of concentration. One of the best ways to develop your concentration is meditation. Meditation comes in several flavours, and you should choose one that is themed around staring at an object. There are several meditation coaches available on the Internet; go to a meditation forum or a meditation group on Facebook and ask for opinions.

Here are links to some meditation forums which I briefly scanned:

And here are some Facebook groups that look worthwhile:

So strengthen your concentration with a few weeks of meditation and use that heightened concentration to focus on the here and now. Practice this focussing continuously and see how your thoughts become more creative and intuitive!

Your friend


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Find Happiness 66: Afraid Your Thoughts Will Come True?


You’re angry with someone and a mildly malicious thought about them crosses your mind. Shortly afterwards, great misfortune befalls them.

You are wracked with guilt, thinking that the harm that befell them is because of your malicious thought. Because of that guilt you can neither sleep at night nor concentrate during the day. You are totally messed up.

Has this happened to you?

Well I have good news: the fact is that the guilt, pain and worry are totally uncalled for. That is because, no matter what you have come to believe, you do not have the power to make things happen to other people by an act of will. That only happens in tales of fantasy (nowadays so prevalent in the media), and it behoves you to drop such a belief ASAP!!

If you are nevertheless unable to shake the belief, it is simple to scientifically prove you cannot make things happen purely by thinking.

One of the criteria for scientific proof is that the cause-effect relationship in question should occur at all times. Think of the times you have wished for other things to happen, for example:

  • You wished your meal provider would serve up a particular dish
  • You wished someone would call or visit
  • You wished there would be a vacant seat for you on a bus or train
  • You wished it would rain
  • You wished someone would be healthy
  • etc, etc, etc.

Did your wish always come true? I am quite sure not. If it occasionally did, you can say it was a coincidence and nothing more, since what you are seeing is a random outcome, and random outcomes are natural, they occur whether you have pre-willed them or down and

Want more proof? Sit down and strongly will for something to happen (I’m not talking about something happening in the future, ala “The Secret”, the “Law of Attraction”, etc, but something to happen within the next day. And it should be something that is not strongly likely to happen anyway (like there being clouds in the sky the next morning).

Did it happen? Probably not. If it did, try it three more times. Did it work all three times? I’ll bet not, so you do not have supernatural mental powers. If it did, then I need to meet and interview you!

Closing Advice

Learn how to step back from guilt, anxiety, stress, depression and the mind in general so that those conditions do not matter to you. The first step is to know where to step back to; that takes a desire to explore and repeated introspection.

I can tell you from experience that the “step-back-place” is in everyone; it is a state of perfect, unshakable calm that anyone can locate with the repeated introspection mentioned above. So do some research online for a good teacher. Take action and get peaceful NOW.

Good luck!


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Find Happiness 62: How to Make an Unhappy Life Happy


If you think your life is lousy, believe one thing first: you can make your life a pleasure to live. It just calls for a change in mindset, which takes a bit of mental work until the job’s done. Let’s dive right into the subject…

You probably think you life is miserable because nothing is going well with you.

Do you know how you reached the “nothing is going well with you” opinion? By judging the key events of your life, deciding that each one had a bad outcome and then averaging all those decisions.

If you had judged each event and decided each time that the outcome was positive (i.e., “good”), your overall opinion would be that “life is going well.”

So how do you ensure that the outcome of each event is good? By looking at the outcome from a positive angle instead of from the negative angle which you currently use.

To use a famous illustration, you look at a half glass of water and say it’s half-empty; a positive, happy person would say it’s half-full.

Believe it or not, there is something positive in almost every event outcome. Here are some examples of how to look at things positively. You can of course dismiss them as unrealistic on some pretext or the other; that’s understandable, since you have a negative mindset to start with!

Event: You have a flat tire   Positive view: You get exercise by changing the flat

Event: You run out of bread   Positive view: You have a chance to broaden your palette by trying other foods

Event: You have a bad relationship with your spouse   Positive view: You have an opportunity to overhaul your personality

For you to change your interpretation of events as described above, you have to foster a particularly important, life-altering belief: EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR THE GOOD. And for that to happen, you need to believe that the Universe (or God, if you’re more comfortable with that) has a good purpose in mind.

Believing (“knowing” would be more accurate) that everything happens for the good can help you out when you cannot immediately think of how an outcome can be positive: you merely decide that although you do not know how the outcome could have a positive side to it (someone getting involved in a car accident, for instance), there is a positive side and you might become aware of it later (this has happened to me several times).

So to summarize what you need to do to turn your lousy life into a good one,

  1. Believe that you can make your life happy
  2. Believe that the Universe has a good purpose for everything
  3. Therefore believe that everything happens for the good
  4. Look for that good (i.e., something positive) in the outcome of each of life’s events

As a result, when you feel that all the events of your life have turned out well, your opinion of your overall life will be that… it’s good!

To your happy life,


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