Find Happiness 60: Don’t Worry About Your Mind



  • Feel you’re going crazy?
  • Worried about your mind’s quirks?
  • Think you’re not as smart as your peers?

All these are  attitudes which probably everyone has at one time or another. First and foremost:

You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you.

I went through some of the above mindsets myself; I came to the point where I decided I had to straighten my head out else waste the rest of my life feeling mixed-up and inferior.

I studied myriad books, underwent self-help courses and spoke with people who clearly understood the human mind. I successfully found a solution, and now offer it to you, thus enabling you to leap over the searching stage in a single bound.

What you need to do (and what I did) is:

1. Realize that the worries mentioned above are thoughts, that they come from your brain and that you are the quiet presence that is aware of them.

   Just watch them without interfering with them. That means making no effort to engage with them.

  It’s like being on the pavement of an empty street, watching  a car  pass by.

   Or it’s like looking at an empty sky waiting for a bird to fly past

   Or like waiting in the silence of the night, waiting for the sound of the wind.

2. When the worry is over, be still and wait for the next one.

3. The general idea is that you, the observer, continue to be there as worries come and go. And it doesn’t matter to you when they come, when they go, whether they come or not or what they are about. You are always there regardless, quietly watching.


So when worries about your state of mind hit, just let them do their thing. They will stick around for a while, then dissolve. But you, the silent spectator, will still be there.

Nothing will go wrong if you let those worries blow by. They are just opinions and not necessarily true. There is no need for any action on your part as a result of those thoughts.



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Find Happiness 58: Adopt Forgiveness Now

forgiveness-quotationMost life coaches, spiritual guides and religious teachers advocate forgiveness as one of the important characteristics one should adopt for self-improvement.


Consider a situation where you do not forgive someone: someone has just cheated you, someone whom you had always trusted, someone whom you thought always had your welfare at heart. Ouch!

In the extreme case, you would decide to get even with the person.

This could entail the following actions and consequences:

1. You might spend time planning on how to get even, maybe cumulatively an hour a day. You would obsess on the subject.

This would result in a certain amount of stress to your nervous system.

2. You might stop speaking to the person who cheated you. If you met him face to face, you would turn the other way or look through him.

The disadvantage here is that the other person might start considering you an enemy. That apart, you might also need his help someday, and you just ensured that help will not be forthcoming.

3. You might do something to harm that person.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out the downside of that: he might harm you back.

4. Your mind is something like a house. It has spaces. If you do not forgive,  at least one of those spaces will be occupied by your obsession.

You could very well use this space for a positive, productive pursuit instead… like planning how to enhance your career, serve your family or help others.

5. Not forgiving the “wrongdoer” might upset your relationships with friends of the wrongdoer.

Unless you live alone in a sequestered cave, you need other people’s assistance in your daily life. Burning bridges therefore makes life less easy for you.

On the other hand, if you forgave the person:

  1. The mental space used for obsessing would be freed up and available for more meaningful pursuits
  2. There would be less stress on your nervous system
  3. The other person might realize you are a loving, kind person and not cheat you again
  4. The other person might even want to be like you and change for the better
  5. You’re not wrecking any downstream relationships.

I adopted forgiveness as a guiding principle some time back and am very pleased with the effect it has had on me and those around me.

Test it out for yourself and see how it makes your life better!

To your growing peace and happiness,

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Find Happiness 57: Locate Inner Peace NOW

We all want to be happy and peaceful at heart.

More easily said than done!

Fact is, inner peace, which equates to unshakeable happiness, is already within each of us. But where is it?

inner-peace-virtual-realityHere’s the situation. It’s as if you are wearing virtual reality goggles.  In the goggles you see your body and environment (as you normally see them, from the viewpoint of your eyes) and you perceive messages like:

“I feel like crap.”
“I’m sooooo happy!”
“How can he talk to me like that?”
“I really love him to bits.”
“How will I manage now that John is dead?”
“I’m hungry!”
“I need to go to the bathroom.”
“It’s getting late!”

In those goggles you also hear sounds (whatever comes on through your actual ears) and are aware of touches and smells.

Everything you think and all your sensory inputs are thus taking place in the goggles. But here’s the thing: over time,  you have become totally engrossed and absorbed in the show.

For God’s sake, remember that you’re wearing goggles and are therefore separate from what’s going on in the goggles.


So if everything is going on in the goggles, then what is going in you, the person wearing the goggles?

Nothing! You are a pure observer. You are absolutely still. You are aware of everything going on in the goggles, and whenever necessary you command your body to act. But essentially you are a still,  steady witness.

The advantage of this is that you are perfectly peaceful. How could you not be, since if there is any stress, anxiety or despair, it’s happening in the goggles, not in you!

Please think carefully about what I have just said. Read it many times if you need to.

If you want experience the state of being a pure observer,  take the free course by signing up either below or on the index page, or go to .

Take action NOW to become happy. Stick at it and you SHALL succeed, because perfect peace is your NATURAL STATE!

To your success in locating your inner peace and residing in it,

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