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Hi, I'm Lucky Balaraman. I've instructed hundreds of people on how to find the inner peace already in them through my free course, available on the main page of this website.


On this page I present a course for those who want to go a bit deeper in the search for inner peace. Although having done the free course will make this course easier to do, the free course is not a prerequisite. This course can help you:

  ► Become your mind's boss

  ► Unleash your mind's creative power

  ► Be constantly peaceful and calm

As in the free course, I guide you to find the unshakeable peace already in you. But here

  • My approach is more personal because I instruct you with an audio recording of my voice.

  • I present you with a detailed manual which describes your inner peace in great detail

  • I tell you how to keep getting more peaceful on an ongoing basis.

For those of you who do not know me well, allow me to tell you about myself.

I'm a happiness and inner peace coach who has learned about the subject in great depth from a living, enlightened master.  In terms of formal education, I have a Master's degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Way back (I'm talking decades ago) there was a time when I woke up in the morning dreading  that I had to go through another day.

That was because during an average day, I was battered my mind... I felt forced to think about certain things and forced not to think about other things... I felt "polluted" every time a "bad thought" passed through my mind, thought I would be punished for it and despaired that my mind was out of control. 

How This Affected my Environment

Insecure about my personal space, I would easily lose my temper; relationships with people close to me were often strained because of this. Always fearful for the future, I would be stressed about all major aspects of my life. Stress being contagious, some of the people around me began feeling similarly unsettled.

How This Affected my Behavior

And on top of these constant, painful developments, I was frequently preoccupied with worry, mostly about the sad state of my mind and life.

This preoccupation severely limited the mental space available for thinking about my professional and personal obligations, which in turn resulted in poor performance on the job and as a family person.

I would frequently think to myself, "One of these days I am going to die, and in my  last moments I am going to feel that I had wasted my entire life being confused and unhappy." (Sound familiar?)

How I Tried to Fix This

My mental pain and confusion became acute. It was then that I had a seemingly simple (but in reality powerful) revelation: I thought,  "I have to make myself alright, I can't go on like this."

I started studied strategies for making myself happy. I tried  a variety of methods: I prayed, sang hymns and chanted mantras. I went to soothsayers and consulted clairvoyants. I asked friends and family for more ideas.

Then, in the course of this searching and experimenting, I was referred to a person who was said to be  profoundly peaceful.

What My Teacher Was Like

  • He had hundreds (now thousands) of followers

  • He was regularly invited by universities around the world to give lectures

  • He had written dozens of books

  • Most importantly, he had transformed the lives of many unhappy people into lives of constant joy and peace.

How I learned from Him

I listened to several of his lectures. I also observed him carefully: was he putting his money where his mouth was? Yes! He was always cheerful, never anxious and deeply calm.

You can bet that I wanted to get to that state myself.

I met him in person and talked to him. To my immense good fortune, he was willing to teach me his formula for being happy at all times. My journey towards happiness hit high gear.

I listened carefully to whatever he said; I bought his books and and studied every word with a magnifying glass. Right after reading or listening to a sentence, I would ponder over it deeply to understand its meaning clearly.

I asked him a million questions; he patiently answered each one of them, often with analogies and parables.

Since he spoke extensively about the mind and our relationship with it, I would accordingly examine what was going on in my mind in great detail. My findings were exactly as he had described; I was stunned and delighted. I found a state of perfect peace that had been within me all the while!

After I Found My Inner Peace

After "soaking" in this state for several years, I began to feel pained that so many of the people I came across were needlessly anxious, worried, angry or depressed. I would comfort them and, when they asked how I managed to be observably calm, explain how they could find happiness within themselves like I had.

I am happy to pass the fundamentals of this method on to you, enough to change your state of mind dramatically and make you an unshakably happy person. My instructions are in the form of a course which I have named "Inner Peace, Naked!"  (I named it that because it reveals the core of inner peace without any of the typical adornments of chanting or visualizing (both of which are actually unnecessary!)

No Pills, No Equipment, No Chanting, No...

Inner Peace Naked! only entails examining your mind and understanding the principles behind its functioning.

It can:

  • Reduce or eliminate depression

  • Soften the edge of grief

  • Make you less angry or never angry

  • Help you lose weight (!) by gaining mastery over food cravings

  • Enable you to think more clearly

  • Help you cope with illness

  • Give you the strength to break addictive habits


And the good part is that it needs:

  • No Medications

  • No religion

  • No foreign language

  • No Chanting

  • No special clothes

  • No equipment

  • No diet

  • No physical exercises

  • No special abilities


All it needs is 10 minutes of quiet time every day. Nothing else!!

red-checkmark PLUS it is not very expensive (costs less than $20)
red-checkmark PLUS after 60 days, if you think it wasn't worth what you paid, I will refund your money. You don't even have to tell me why you want the refund.

The Materials:

Inner Peace, Naked! consists of

  1. A Learning Guide (24 pages, 139K file size, pdf format)

  2. An Audio Recording (16 minutes long, 15 MB file size, mp3 format) and

  3. A Transcript of the Audio Recording (10 pages, 77K file size, pdf format).


The Learning Guide gives you comprehensive background for the training I do along with you in the Audio Recording, and you should preferably read it before embarking on the training.

Some topics from it are:

  • Where Inner Peace, Naked!  will take you

  • How long it takes to see results

  • How to be peaceful for increasing periods of time

The Learning Guide shows you the entire route map in advance, so that you know where you have to go and why you are going there.


The Audio Recording is for you to listen to when you have time to yourself. It points something vital in your "inner landscape", a thing which most people never stop to notice.

This "thing" is the perennial source of happiness in peace already in you.

If you listen to the Audio Recording carefully and do as I prescribe, it has the power to radically improve your life.

The Audio Recording is the vehicle in which you will travel the route described in the Learning Guide.


The Transcript enables you to study what is in the Audio Recording at a speed much greater than audio playback.

This may turn out to be your preferred method of guidance once you have listened to and followed along with me in the Audio Recording.

What You Can Expect from the Course

The primary purposes of this course are:

  1. To point out to you in a no-nonsense, simple way where your unshakable inner peace lies

  2. To tell you how to be increasingly rooted in that inner peace during your daily life.


I can tell you from personal experience and without the shadow of a doubt that if you use the Audio Recording to locate your inner peace and then progress according to the guidelines in the Learning Guide, you SHALL become a more peaceful, stress-free person in course of time.
--- Lucky Balaraman


What Others Say About Lucky

Dear Lucky -

I just downloaded your wonderful work. I just really find the audio portion relaxing, and engaging.

Your work is very needed, thank you Lucky.

---   Elizabeth Higdon Bennett


Hi Lucky,

I hope you receive this email. I really appreciate your passion for helping others understand life. I just wanted to express my gratitude, because you stepped in to my life (via Twitter), when I needed you most. I've been recovering from surgery, and it's been really stressful for me (physically, psychologically, and mentally). After this, I want to make major changes in my life, and reading your advice definitely helps.

I wish you lived closer, because you are like a father figure, and very endearing.

Much respect,

--- J.A. (name withheld for privacy)


Your articles and lessons have helped me greatly. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t’ “go there”. Thank you.

--- T. Von Bergen

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If you feel this course is not worth what you paid for it, please ask for your money back within 45 days from the date of purchase. I will refund it with no questions asked.

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