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In most cases, the realization of inner peace requires a teacher to answer questions over an extended period of time. It is no different from being taught classical music or a second language: there are methods to learn and it is necessary for you to practice what you have learned.

Also, in the early stages, there could be a need for answers to be provided on a timely and frequent basis (ask me, I’ve been there).

It is for these reasons that I offer personalized coaching by email.

Under this arrangement:

  • I will send you instructions as warranted by your existing level of inner peace
  • You can email me up to five questions per week (where a week is from Monday to Friday)
  • I will answer those five questions within the week (provided I can view them within my working hours)

The cost of this service is USD 97 per month (you can discontinue at any time to stop billing). Make payment using any major credit card, debit card or PayPal by clicking the button below:

Purchasing this coaching will mean your automatic agreement to the Terms and Conditions stated lower down

Terms and Conditions: (1) No part of the coaching program is a substitute for professional advice. All content provided in connection with the coaching program is for informational purposes only. (2) Lucky Balaraman gives no guarantee about the effectiveness of the coaching, which depends on, among other things, your effort, intelligence and mental acuity. (3) You assume any and all risks associated with your enrollment in the coaching program. (4) All content provided in connection with the coaching program is the property of Lucky Balaraman and cannot be reproduced without his written permission.

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I have been often lauded as an excellent teacher, and am confident that my coaching will make a huge difference to you.

To your peaceful life,


2 Replies to “Coaching”

  1. Dear Lucky,

    I tried to bought Power-drill into your inner peace with ‘Inner Peace, Naked!’ but I cannot enter in Pay Pal. ???



    1. Hi Marc,

      Sorry about that, I had programmed the software incorrectly. Try it again, it works now.




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