If You Don’t Have 15 Minutes to Attain Inner Peace, Don’t Read This

Also, if you are not interested in improving your state of mind, please move on quickly.

That said, I want you to ignore any concerns that might be occupying your mind at the moment and read my definition of “being peaceful.” My definition of the term is being in a state:

  1. Where you are not beside yourself with worry about anything
  2. Where you always think with a clear head
  3. Where you are not afraid of death
  4. Where you are a source of energy and inspiration to others
  5. Where you are always cheerful, confident and positive
  6. Where you do not feel insulted or hurt
  7. Where you do not get angry
  8. Where you do not feel like harming others
  9. Where you have no moods and no mood swings
  10. Where all of the above are true all the time

peaceful-woman I’m not saying this is an exhaustive list. I’m sure I will think of a few more things to add over the course of time, but the list certainly covers around 95% of the definition.

I’m also not saying that I have achieved all of the characteristics on the list 100%; however, based on my observation of hundreds of people, I have achieved the characteristics to an advanced enough degree to write and teach about the subject.

If my list strikes a chord with you, then stay in your seat because we are going to go places!

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