You wanted to know more about me… in the context of the world, my name is Lucky Balaraman (where ‘Lucky" is short for ‘Lakshman"); I am a graduate engineer from the University of Michigan, a businessman and a happiness coach. I was born in the fifties, am married, have two grown sons and currently live at Chennai, India .

I have acquired knowledge of myself and the meaning of the universe by spending many hours with a great living teacher , Swami Suddhananda.

About My Teacher, Swami Suddhananda

swami-suddhananda174wSwamiji is based at Tiruvannamalai, one of India’s most important spiritual cities, where he has established a beautiful, modern ashram. Tiruvannamalai is in the South of India and is about 160 km from Chennai by road.

Swamiji has also set up ashrams and orphanages in the Indian states of Orissa (where he runs a polytechnic as well) and Andhra Pradesh. In addition he has an associated ashram in Bavaria, Germany.

Swamiji’s website is at http://www.self-knowledge.in.

I first met Swamiji in 1979. Over the decades, a deep personal friendship has grown alongside and eclipsed our original teacher–student relationship. He has painstakingly explained the nuances of self-knowledge to me and encouraged me to pursue it single-pointedly, which, to a great degree, I have. In the process I have observed with great satisfaction and relief the transformation of my mind from the likes of a bombed-out, rubble-strewn city into a spotless, gleaming, celestial kingdom.

I am in constant touch with Swamiji and my gratitude to him is boundless.

What I Can Pass On to You

I can tell you how to find the unshakable peace within you without the need for organized religion (inner peace is not dependent on any religion; it is as non-religious as your arm or leg). This is my natural preference because I have undergone a rigorous engineering and scientific education.

To start learning, a good place would be my free 4-part email course. If you do not prefer such deep involvement at this time, follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook.

If I can help you gain deeper insight into life, nothing would make me happier!

To your great life,

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  1. Dear lucky,

    I tried to sign op a couple of times but didn’t receive your email so far. Looking forward! Love from amsterdam. Elenoor

  2. Lucky, I just randomly stumbled across your page & LOVE it…such wonderful, mindful content. Looking forward to keeping up with your posts. I am a UM grad as well. 🙂 Love, light & hugs, ali

    1. Glad the page was of benefit. I in turn went to your website and was totally blown away by the graphic. I’d like to know more about you… have signed up for your launch notification, you can get my email address from there.
      Go Blue!

  3. When we are ready, the teacher appears! The synchronicity of the universe in this matter never ceases to amaze me, – everyone and everything I need shows up exactly when I need it. Thank you, I think this is the next step in my progress in living this life.

  4. This is the only meditation I have ever been able to do successfully, I have been doing it every day for about 2 weeks and I feel calmer, more positive and my moods are stready every day (they really were not before!) it is truely amazing thank you so much Lucky……I can’t put into words how grateful I am.

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