Find Happiness 57: Locate Inner Peace NOW

We all want to be happy and peaceful at heart.

More easily said than done!

Fact is, inner peace, which equates to unshakeable happiness, is already within each of us. But where is it?

inner-peace-virtual-realityHere’s the situation. It’s as if you are wearing virtual reality goggles.  In the goggles you see your body and environment (as you normally see them, from the viewpoint of your eyes) and you perceive messages like:

“I feel like crap.”
“I’m sooooo happy!”
“How can he talk to me like that?”
“I really love him to bits.”
“How will I manage now that John is dead?”
“I’m hungry!”
“I need to go to the bathroom.”
“It’s getting late!”

In those goggles you also hear sounds (whatever comes on through your actual ears) and are aware of touches and smells.

Everything you think and all your sensory inputs are thus taking place in the goggles. But here’s the thing: over time,  you have become totally engrossed and absorbed in the show.

For God’s sake, remember that you’re wearing goggles and are therefore separate from what’s going on in the goggles.


So if everything is going on in the goggles, then what is going in you, the person wearing the goggles?

Nothing! You are a pure observer. You are absolutely still. You are aware of everything going on in the goggles, and whenever necessary you command your body to act. But essentially you are a still,  steady witness.

The advantage of this is that you are perfectly peaceful. How could you not be, since if there is any stress, anxiety or despair, it’s happening in the goggles, not in you!

Please think carefully about what I have just said. Read it many times if you need to.

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Take action NOW to become happy. Stick at it and you SHALL succeed, because perfect peace is your NATURAL STATE!

To your success in locating your inner peace and residing in it,

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