Find Happiness 49: A Tornado Story



You are sitting at home, looking out of the window watching the rain. The wind howls while leaves and dust swirl by your field of vision.

The storm intensifies. Suddenly the roof of your garage rips off and spins upward.  You realize with fear that it isn’t a storm you’re watching…

it’s a tornado, and it’s coming your way.

It dawns on you that in a few seconds you could be yanked several hundred feet into the air,  twirled like a baton and hurled miles away by this unstoppable force of nature. You panic, your breathing quickens and your heart races.

Your mind hits high gear, rushing to decide where you should shelter to avoid death. Under the dining table? No, that could be blown away, then you. Under the bed? Equally risky. In the bushes outside? Hell,  you might not survive the distance.

Then it strikes you… THE CELLAR! Yes, that’s it, it’s below ground and the tornado can’t reach there… RUN!

You rush to the cellar door, go in, lock it from the inside and descend the stairs rapidly to the solid ground of the cellar floor.

Now you’re safe. The tornado could slam your house and splinter it into a thousand pieces but you would be untouched. You are aware of it yet beyond its reach. You calm down; your breathing and heartbeat return to normal.

The state of inner peace is very similar to that cellar. Events around you and in your mind (worries, joys, fears, depression, sadness, elation, etc.) constitute the tornado. You are aware of them yet beyond their reach.

The good news is that if you look for ‘your cellar’ sincerely, nature (aka the Universe or God) will unfailingly help you find it.

A word of advice: by “sincerely”,  I mean “keenly persevering.” If your search is half-hearted, you will likely not succeed. Therefore be sure of your determination to go all the way before you decide to start searching!

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May you decide to look for your cellar, persevere… and SUCCEED!!

Your friend,



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