Find Happiness 36: Use Inner Peace for Dealing with Guilt

conquer-guilt If you are tortured by guilt, this is a post that could help you escape the torture chamber…

As you may already be aware, there is a state of inner peace built into you. I point out the location of this state in my free 4-part course available here (take it). I call that state the “basic you”.

As I also mentioned, for a profoundly peaceful life, you should identify with that state all the time while going about your day-to-day life. Let your thoughts come and go freely, performing an action whenever you feel it is warranted.

That said, I will explain how to use inner peace to blunt the edge of guilt.

Guilt consists of a recurring thought that you should not have done something that you did. Every time the thought hits you, it seems to chip away at your very essence, and this is a painful event.

However, if, at the time the thought hits you, you are identifying with the “basic you”, it would be like watching a TV show where one of the actors says, “I caused severe damage by what I did. I shouldn’t have done that.”

If someone on a TV show says that, it doesn’t make a dent on you, because you do not identify with the person who says it. In a similar manner, if you are identifying with the “basic you”, you are separate from your mind. It’s your mind that’s saying “I caused severe damage, etc”, not you. You are the silent, motionless witness to the process. You are unaffected by the thought.

That said, you do have to perform whatever is warranted to rectify the situation that occurred.

For instance, let’s say you are a builder. Using the best materials and processes you know of, you start constructing a building. Nevertheless, there is an accident on site and someone is killed. You feel responsible for the event.

If you were identifying with the “basic you”, you would not have been personally disturbed by any guilt-related thoughts that may have arisen (as described above). But you would still have to take necessary action, such as  possibly compensating the victim or defending yourself against lawsuits et al.

Incidentally, an advantage of not being wracked by guilt is that you will go about these tasks with better concentration. This in turn will result in a better outcome for all concerned.

THE TAKEAWAY: Always abide in your state of inner peace , it will make dealing with guilt a snap!

To your peaceful, productive life,

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