“Do you feel you’re too anxious, afraid, depressed or angry?

Have you wished you could do something about it?

Well, now you can… and it costs you nothing!”




I’m Lucky Balaraman, Happiness Coach, and am delighted to welcome you to the sign-up page for my absolutely free, multi-part email course. In it I teach the methods I have used myself to become a more tranquil person than most others I see, and look forward to seeing how those same methods improve the quality of your life.

The fact is that you have great happiness and peace already built into you. You just don’t know it’s there. It’s something similar to this: you own a bank but don’t know it, so you think you’re poor.

To find that happiness within you, just sign up for the course. I’ll take you on a quick tour of your inner landscape and clearly show you where the bank is!

The course:

checkmark2 Does not involve religion
checkmark2 Does not use non-English words
checkmark2 Involves no memorizing
checkmark2 Is easy and relaxed
checkmark2 Has no prerequisites for special mental or physical training
checkmark2 Takes 10 minutes a day for less than 10 days
checkmark2 Worked great for me  🙂

To sign up for the course, enter your first name and email address in the form below and click “Sign Up”. The roadmap to inner peace and joy will be delivered to your mailbox fast!

PS: I will not share your email address with any third parties, and you will always have the ability to opt out of future communications.

To your serene life,

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  1. Greetings Lucky!

    Hope you are well! Recently I had all my data that was stored on my blackberry wiped! Is it possible for you to email me the free course once again?

    Many thanks


    1. Have restarted the course for you, Julie. If it does not start in a day or two, please reply to this comment —



  2. I would like to learn everything about how to achieve inner peace, regardless of what happens in my life (marriage, health, friendships,divorce,finances, and every curb balls life can throw at you). I know realistically everyday in life can’t be a happy one, and I can’t forecast outcomes, but I want to learn how to have inner peace

    1. Donald:

      1) Every day in your life CAN be happy. Whoever told you otherwise is wrong. I and several others are living proof.
      2) The state of highest happiness is one where you are unaffected by whatever happens. It’s a state of perfect peace. And it’s already in you.
      3) Take this course and read all the articles on this website; think of them in depth. If they don’t jive with you, don’t give up, pursue answers elsewhere until you find something that suits you perfectly. Believe me, a sincere seeker SHALL always find the way to inner peace.




    1. You’re very welcome, Ana, hope it makes a difference and look forward to your feedback.

    1. Right above these comments, you will see a form with input boxes called “Your name” and “Email ID”. Fill those in and hit the ‘Submit’ button. This will start the enrollment process.



  3. Peace if mind comes when the mind becomes “BLANK”. No thoughts in the mind, it means you are in PEACE. There is nothing else to say. The question is, can my mind be BLANK? and the answer is It’s too difficult.

    1. Kuldeep, first a definition: mind = the flow of thoughts. That said, you must be peaceful regardless of whether your mind is blank or not. For that, you must realize that you are different from your mind and that you are in reality watching it, just as if you were watching TV. If people on TV get into a fistfight, do you get injured? No, because you are separate from them. In the same way if you realize that you are your mind’s witness and therefore separate from it, you can never be affected by it, whether your mind is empty or busy.

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