Finding Unshakable Happiness: The 5 Pristine Pillars

Everyone wants to be happy: it’s human nature. However, finding happiness is not always a piece of cake. An entire lifetime may not be enough if you are attempting it from scratch. To maximize your chances of success, just as you would for any other aim, follow the accumulated wisdom of the generations that have gone before you. Here are the five pillars of that wisdom.

PILLAR 1: Believe that It Is Possible to Become Unshakably Happy

faith Stop buying  into theories that life is full of misery, and that unhappiness is the essence of life. That is so WRONG. I declare that truth from personal experience and from the experiences of others whom I know intimately.

Please stop limiting your happiness and stop giving your unhappiness so much power over you. Many people have become happy during past and present times; they were just ordinary people, and if they can do it so can you.

It is often thought that you have to be gifted in some way be able to attain permanent happiness. It’s as if you have to be a prodigy of some sort. That is not the case — anyone who seriously devotes him or herself to the task will succeed (like I have).

And stop believing that happiness has to be “given to you” by some external entity. YOU HAVE TO HUNT IT DOWN. AND IF YOU DO, YOU SHALL FIND IT.



PILLAR 2: Be Intolerant of Unhappiness

no You should not stand even a speck of unhappiness. You should hate it. It should be unacceptable. You should want to shake it off as soon as possible, like shaking a biting beetle off your arm.

Being unhappy hurts just like a splinter in your foot. A splinter in your foot is simply not acceptable. When you have a splinter in your foot, you most certainly sit down and pull it out. You don’t say, “I’ll just have to go through life with a splinter in my foot.” You don’t tolerate splinters in your foot; in the same way, there is no need for you tolerate unhappiness in your mind. Get rid of it!


PILLAR 3: Try Various Methods

correct-choice There are several experts on the subject of finding happiness. Your first task is to survey the scene. Put “find happiness” in Google and see what churns up. Find an expert closest to your wavelength and give that person’s methods an honest, sustained try. I’d recommend three weeks as the minimum trial period. If you feel that the results are inadequate, move on to another expert and give him a really hard try. Ultimately you will land on an expert who is exactly tuned to you and whose teachings move you rapidly in the direction of deep, lasting peace (I’ve been through the process) .

A true teacher will take you to the point where you can be on your own, then be a helpful friend after that. Mine told me, “I’ve put you in a boat and taught you to raise the sails; now you decide where you want to travel.”


PILLAR 4: Decide that You Won’t Quit until You’re There

success-way Don’t give up no matter what happens. Be resolute, determined and untiring. You SHALL finally hit upon a winning formula if you keep trying. If you stop trying, it will not come to you. Many have tried and many have succeeded. Just do the distance!






PILLAR 5: Continue to Delve Deeper as Long as You Live

dive-deep Even after you feel deeply happy, keep diving deeper. I know from experience that there is no limit to how peaceful and happy you can become. The deeper you dive, the more treasure you’ll find.


To your peaceful life,


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    1. If you want to become happy badly enough and realize it’s possible, all you have to do is work to get happy and you SHALL succeed.

  1. Finding happiness is so important to good mental health. I also think that it is important to surround yourself with positive people. Thanks for your contribution to Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival.

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