Find Happiness 63: Don’t Expect Too Much of Others


Apart from fundamental expectations such as politeness, honesty, relevant responses and non-violent behavior, it is really not in your best interest to expect more from other people. I’m talking about, for instance, expecting them to say certain things or do certain things in situations where they are free to say or do as they please.

That is because other people may simply not feel like saying or doing what you have suggested, which will invariably lead to conflict between you and the other person and frankly, who wants that and who has the time for that?

The reason the other people may not choose to fulfill your expectation is because, as adults, they may want to run with their own ideas instead. The reason is that our minds are like clay and the world is like a potter. The world develops our minds into beautiful, useful objects through interaction with it, just like a potter would develop a piece of clay into an attractive vase.

On the other hand, if other people keep doing or saying what YOU think, then it is more YOUR mind being shaped by the world than theirs. Now why would thinking adults want to forfeit the opportunity of getting their minds developed?

The motto of the story is not to expect others to do and say what you want (when they are not contractually bound to do so). This way you will have far less cause to be disappointed, let down, angry or frustrated. You will also not get into conflicts with the other people in question. Life will be the better for it, won’t it?

What I suggest you do is (like I always say) TRY IT OUT… NOW. Give it a whirl for a few weeks for a fair evaluation. I am very, very sure you will see that it makes your life easier and more pleasurable. In the unlikely event that it does not make a difference, discontinue it and I’ll refund your money 100%, LOL!!

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